Vancouver, BC

Pharmacy Appreciation Month 2023

CSHP BC Pharmacy Spotlights

This page will be regularly updated throughout March, so please check back for more pharmacy spotlights! 

Mentor Profiles: Barret Barr​


Barret Barr is a Clinical Pharmacy Specialist in Internal Medicine (Clinical Teaching Unit) at University Hospital of Northern British Columbia, providing direct patient care alongside an interprofessional team.

Kudos Corner: Bulkley Valley District Hospital (Northern Health) Pharmacists and Technicians

Photo 1: (left to right) Laura Fyten, Carly Rosger

Photo 2: (left to right) Jennifer Tran, Kelly Sache, Dinah Draxel (right)

Not pictured: Nicole Sander, Delaney Elliot

Mentor Profiles: Krystin Boyce


Clinical Pharmacy Specialist – Emergency Medicine

Clinical Supervisor – Pharmacy Department

Kudos Corner: Sonia Jeffries

NICU Clinical Pharmacist

Mentor Profiles: Luciana Frighetto

Position: Pharmacy Director

Kudos Corner: Karyn Bagri

Clinical Pharmacist – Critical Care & Experiential Education Facilitator

Mentor Profiles: Amanda Barton

Position: Clinical Pharmacy Specialist Pediatric Complex Pain

Kudos Corner: Amit Behniwal & Jennifer Kluth

Administrative Assistant/Timekeeper Administrative Coordinator

Mentor Profiles: Bita Bateni

Position: CPS, Renal Transplant

Kudos Corner: Brenda Wright & Nina Sandhu

Pharmacy Clinical Technician

Mentor Profiles: Rochelle Gellatly

Position: Coordinator, Clinical Pharmacy Services,  Surrey Memorial Hospital

Kudos Corner: Corie-Anne Defelice

Northern Health North West Sterile Compounding Coordinator

Mentor Profiles: Angela Tong

Position: Clinical Pharmacist

Kudos Corner: Vicky O’Dwyer

Clinical Pharmacist

Mentor Profiles: Rajwant Minhas

Position: Clinical Pharmacy Specialist

Kudos Corner: LGH Technicians & Assistants

Lions Gate Hospital – Pharmacy Technicians & Assistants

Mentor Profiles: Aron Nenninger

Position: Northern Health Academic Detailing Pharmacist with the BC Provincial Academic Detailing (PAD)

Kudos Corner: Beverley Charchuk

Pharmacy Technician Supervisor

Mentor Profiles: Marlo Lipsett

Position: Northern Health Regional Verification Pharmacist

Kudos Corner: Mary Jensen


Mentor Profiles: May Leung

Position: Jim Pattison Outpatient Care and Surgery Centre Clinical Coordinator

Kudos Corner: Kinson Tse

Clinical Pharmacist

Mentor Profiles: Vanessa Paquette

Position: Clinical Pharmacy Specialist


Kudos Corner: Will Shum

Clinical Pharmacist

Mentor Profiles: Dr. Gloria Su

Position: Clinical Pharmacy Specialist – Emergency Medicine at Burnaby Hospital


Kudos Corner: Cloë Cullen

Registered Pharmacy Technician

Mentor Profiles: Eva Cho

Position: Clinical Pharmacy Specialist – CF


Kudos Corner: Jason Park

CST Pharmacy Project Manager for VCH Acute and Community

Mentor Profiles: Jennifer Kendrick

Position: Clinical Pharmacy Specialist – Oncology


Kudos Corner: Rachel Watters & Fleur Sussman

HIV Clinical Pharmacists at DCHC and the MAT Program 

Mentor Profiles: Roxane Carr


Clinical Coordinator for Children’s and Women’s Health Centre of BC

Residency Coordinator for Pediatrics Advanced Pharmacy Practice Residency Year 2 Program

Clinical Professor for Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences at UBC


Kudos Corner: Meghan Hall

Pharmacy Technician Supervisor, Fort St John Hospital, Northern Health

Mentor Profiles: Kendra Sih


Clinical Supervisor

Clinical Pharmacy Specialist – ED

Kudos Corner: Carolyn Bubbar

Clinical Pharmacy Specialist, Geriatrics

Mentor Profiles: Anthony Lau

Position: Clinical Pharmacy Specialist – Emergency Medicine, Vancouver General Hospital

Kudos Corner: Alex Sykelyk & Candice Leung & Catharina Yih

Vancouver General Hospital Clinical Pharmacy Informatics Specialist

Mentor Profiles: Ray Jang

Position: Interim Manager LMPS

Kudos Corner: Lily Lin

Clinical Pharmacist

Mentor Profiles: Elaine Tung

Position: Cardiology Clinical Pharmacy Specialist


Kudos Corner: Jim Pattison Outpatient Centre Care and Surgery Centre Pharmacy Team

Mentor Profiles: Vincent Mabasa

Position: Critical care pharmacy specialist and clinical coordinator at Burnaby Hospital


Kudos Corner: Osric Sin

St. Paul’s Hospital Ambulatory Pharmacy Coordinator

Mentor Profiles: Joanne Marquis

Position: Clinical Pharmacy Specialist


Kudos Corner: The SMH Adult Pharmacy Department Technicians and Assistants

Mentor Profiles: Dr. Michael Kammermayer

Position: Clinical Pharmacy Specialist in Internal Medicine


Kudos Corner: Richmond Hospital Pharmacy

Mentor Profiles: Peter Loewen

Position: Assistant Professor at the FoPS at UBC