Vancouver, BC

Rajwant Minhas

Rajwant Minhas

Rajwant Minhas

Clinical Pharmacy Specialist

Profile submitted by: 

Ginny Chen and Dyana Louie

Brief description of role or responsibilities

Rajwant Minhas is a Clinical Pharmacy Specialist in Medicine and the Access & Flow Clinical Pharmacy Supervisor at Surrey Memorial Hospital.

Describe how the individual or team made a positive contribution to patient care or their pharmacy department:

As a preceptor, mentor and colleague, Rajwant has shown us the large role that pharmacists play in the hospital setting, as well as the importance of providing your input to the healthcare team. 

She continues to look for opportunities for us to enhance our clinical skills and to collaborate with other healthcare professionals. Furthermore, Rajwant always takes time to thoroughly answer any questions that arise, and provides valuable feedback to help promote personal growth and improvement.

She has been imperative in integrating Access & Flow pharmacists to the healthcare team by sharing how our roles have helped in every team interaction possible. In addition, she is always on the lookout for feedback on how to help patients become more informed during their stay in hopes that they will be more empowered once discharged, and therefore better equipped to manage their health at home. 

Despite all this, she still finds time to chair the social and wellness committee that helps celebrate the diversity in our department, and increase our team spirit with treats and beautifying our office space.