Vancouver, BC

CSHP-BC Student Mentorship Program

Objective: To introduce hospital practice to aspiring students demonstrating interest in the clinical aspects of the pharmacy profession. 

Potential Opportunities for Students:

  • Gain exposure in numerous areas of pharmacy practice
  • Connect with pharmacy leaders across the province
  • Discuss the potential career options in hospital pharmacy with mentors
    • Discover the roles of hospital pharmacists within our healthcare system
    • Discover the responsibilities of hospital pharmacists within an interprofessional team
    • Observe the daily duties of hospital pharmacists through shadowing opportunities
  • Ask questions about the mentor’s pharmacy journey
  • Develop long-term career goals and aspirations with mentor
  • Work with mentor to shape professional, personal, and interpersonal growth

Student Registration:

Potential Opportunities for Pharmacists:

  • Advocate for hospital pharmacy by inspiring students
  • Allow students to grasp an understanding of day-to-day responsibilities through shadowing opportunities
  • Share clinical expertise with incoming professionals 
  • Build professional relationships
  • Empower students to shape their pharmacy journey

Pharmacist Registration: