Vancouver, BC

Alex Sykelyk & Candice Leung & Catharina Yih

Alex Sykelyk & Candice Leung & Catharina Yih

Alex Sykelyk & Candice Leung & Catharina Yih

Vancouver General Hospital Clinical Pharmacy Informatics Specialist

Profile submitted by: Ming Chang on behalf of the PAM Committee

Brief description of role or responsibilities​

Alex, Candice and Catharina are the amazing trio who served as the Clinical Pharmacy Informatics Specialists at Vancouver General Hospital the Cerner transition.

Describe how the individual or team made a positive contribution to patient care or their pharmacy department:

We are now more than 3 months into using Cerner in our day-to-day practices. And while we are still finetuning things here and there, the average person looking from the outside probably couldn’t tell we only went live with a complete overhaul of our computer system 3-months ago.

There were many helping hands involved, but this was largely possible thanks the direct help and ongoing guidance from the amazing trio of CPIS in Alex, Candice and Catharina. Without their tireless effort and many personal sacrifices which ensured our staff received continuous and timely support, I don’t think the transition would have been even half as successful.

From preparing training slides and manual to making multiple revisions of them, and from teaching peer mentors months in advance to answering endless number of questions during cutover, Alex, Candice and Catharina have demonstrated so much grace and patience in their work that words just will not do them justice.

As we continue to work out kinks in the system, the CPIS are still working hard to ensure our workflow is as seamless as possible.

On behalf of the entire hospital, we are very lucky to have three people as dedicated as Alex, Candice and Catharina to help lead us. Thank you!