Vancouver, BC

Marlo Lipsett

Marlo Lipsett

Marlo Lipsett

Northern Health Regional Verification Pharmacist

Profile submitted by: Gordon Ling

Brief description of role or responsibilities

Marlo is one of the regional verification pharmacists for Northern Health and performs regional verification and clinical support across the north.

Describe how the individual or team made a positive contribution to patient care or their pharmacy department:

I first met Marlo when I transitioned to hospital practice in 2018. Since I didn’t complete a hospital residency, she was assigned to me as a temporary clinical mentor to provide some additional training. It was both our first time doing virtual clinical bootcamp so saying it was a wild eight weeks would be an understatement.

After my clinical bootcamp was complete, Marlo and I stayed in touch. She helped me to navigate through the complex operational standards as well as the hidden curriculum that new pharmacists face in hospital practice. She continuously supported my growth by pushing me out of my comfort zone and repeatedly challenging my thought process when I would ask for advice. My residency application would not have been successful without her input and feedback.

Words can’t describe the pivotal role that Marlo has played in my short pharmacy career. Amongst the many things Marlo has taught me so far, being flexible is what I have modelled my practice after.

As she would say: “Gordon, less witchcraft, more evidence based medicine and always stay curious.”

I am grateful to have the opportunity to call Marlo my mentor, colleague, and friend.