Vancouver, BC

Sonia Jeffries

Sonia Jeffries

Sonia Jeffries

NICU Clinical Pharmacist

Profile submitted by: Demi Asleson

Brief description of role or responsibilities

Sonia Jeffries is a Neonatal ICU Clinical Pharmacist at BC Children and Women’s Hospital

Describe how the individual or team made a positive contribution to patient care or their pharmacy department:

I am a new neonatal ICU pharmacist; when I was starting out Sonia took the initiative to train me and prepare me for the intensity of working in critical care. She spent ample time to provide me with a thorough orientation to the critical care pharmacy workflow and ensured I was prepared to handle 12-hour night shifts on my own servicing the hospital and the province.

To me, this was reflection of both her dedication to our profession and the depth of knowledge she has surrounding the clinical and distribution services provided at BC Children and Women’s Hospital. All our staff in the NICU praise Sonia for her problem-solving skills, knowledge, reliability, and overall commitment to providing the best care to the neonatal population here at BC Children’s and Women’s Hospital. Sonia is a strong leader, role model, researcher, and clinical pharmacist!

I am so grateful for her continued mentorship in the NICU.

Thank you, Sonia!!