Vancouver, BC

Dr. Gloria Su

Dr. Gloria Su

Dr. Gloria Su

Clinical Pharmacy Specialist – Emergency Medicine at Burnaby Hospital

Profile submitted by: Tracy Liu

Brief description of role or responsibilities

Dr. Gloria Su is a clinical pharmacy specialist at Burnaby Hospital in the Emergency Department.

Throughout the year, Gloria precepts multiple LMPS pharmacy residents and leads residency projects. She also helps teach the critical care course at UBC’s Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Gloria is the only pharmacist who actively participates in code blues around Burnaby Hospital. She has developed clinical simulations for our pharmacy department to help further improve our clinical thinking and decision-making skills.

Describe how the individual or team made a positive contribution to patient care or their pharmacy department:

Gloria is an inspiration for many pharmacists within our pharmacy department, not only for her vast therapeutic knowledge and critical thinking skills but she has helped many of us when we need advice for more complex patient care decisions.

Gloria also leads and develops clinical simulations within our pharmacy department, where we simulate a real patient scenario to solve as a team. These simulations have directly led to further development of our own individual clinical skills and our teamwork abilities as a department. Through her hard work, she builds great cases that pushes us to take charge while working as a team and helps us to expand our decision-making capabilities.

Additionally, this year our emergency department at Burnaby Hospital has been over capacity several times, but each time Gloria has continued to step up to the plate and deliver excellent patient care despite our increase in numbers. Just knowing that Gloria is working in our emergency department, we are well assured that patients are taken care of!

Thank you, Gloria, for all the amazing and hard work you have done for Burnaby Hospital and our pharmacy department!