Vancouver, BC

Anthony Lau

Anthony Lau

Anthony Lau

Clinical Pharmacy Specialist – Emergency Medicine, Vancouver General Hospital

Profile submitted by: Shelly Lu, Alex Chau, Shirin Malek

Brief description of role or responsibilities

Anthony Lau is the Clinical Pharmacy Specialist in Emergency Medicine at Vancouver General Hospital. In addition to his clinical duties, Anthony is responsible for training and supporting the pharmacy team that covers the Emergency Department (ED).

As an active member of the ED team, Anthony participates in codes and provides clinical support to his medical colleagues to optimize patient care.

He is passionate about teaching, precepts numerous hospital pharmacy residents every year, and is a Clinical Instructor for the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences at UBC.

Describe how the individual or team made a positive contribution to patient care or their pharmacy department:

Anthony’s passion to teach has made him a dedicated pharmacist and preceptor. Through his endless support and thoughtful feedback, he has guided us in our hospital pharmacy career. Anthony goes above and beyond to provide a listening ear and makes himself available for clinical discussions. This has helped us grow both personally and professionally.


Anthony’s patience, enthusiasm, and ability to explain difficult clinical concepts has made him an effective teacher and preceptor. He adapts his teaching methods to suit his students’ learning needs. Anthony continues to learn new skills and amass knowledge which has advanced his practice as a clinical pharmacist. He is passionate about clinical research and stays up to date on current literature.


He supports his colleagues in the ED by assessing a patient’s medications for drug therapy problems; he offers therapeutic alternatives during critical situations and actively participates in trauma activations and codes in the ED. In addition, Anthony has built a strong ED pharmacist team that is efficient, detailed-oriented, and collaborative with the providers in the emergency department.


We are incredibly thankful to have Anthony as a mentor and preceptor. We aim to become mentors of the same quality as Anthony in our future practice.