Vancouver, BC

Roxane Carr

Roxane Carr

Roxane Carr

Clinical Coordinator for Children’s and Women’s Health Centre of BC

Residency Coordinator for Pediatrics Advanced Pharmacy Practice Residency Year 2 Program

Clinical Professor for Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences at UBC

Profile submitted by: Amanda Barton

Brief description of role or responsibilities

Roxane is the Clinical Coordinator for Children’s and Women’s Health Centre of BC and also maintains a clinical practice in the PICU. Roxane is the Residency Coordinator for the Pediatrics Advanced Pharmacy Practice Residency Year 2 Program and a Clinical Professor for the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences at UBC.

She precepts numerous learners each year who are all at different stages in their career/learning journey and is actively involved in pharmacy research having published numerous papers and studies in her career.

Describe how the individual or team made a positive contribution to patient care or their pharmacy department:

Roxane has been absolutely influential in both my professional and personal development. Her reputation precedes her, as I had heard amazing things back when I worked in Alberta and was strongly encouraged to go and work with her if I ever had the chance. I ended up having the privilege of getting to know and work with Roxane throughout my year 2 pediatric pharmacy residency at BCCH and I can say that my experience has not only lived up to but has exceeded all my expectations. Roxane got to know me (really well) and not just because she had to, but because she genuinely cared. She made sure my program was individualized to my needs all while ensuring I was well supported throughout the year (and before I even started).

As a preceptor she encouraged me to be curious, ask the why questions and step out of my comfort zone. She helped me develop the skills I needed to advance my practice. Roxane modelled advanced patient centered care and multidisciplinary teamwork and it was no surprise that the PICU team she works with think the world of her. She is an invaluable resource and BCCH is so lucky to have her. I have never learned so much in a single year and I have never felt so inspired being around someone as I have Roxane.

The culture that Roxane has created at BCCH speaks for itself and stems from consistent excellent leadership. It was an easy decision to stay working at BCCH and now as a staff pharmacist I can say that I continue to feel inspired, motivated and supported. Roxane embodies what it means to be a strong leader in pharmacy and is absolutely deserving of recognition during Pharmacy Awareness Month. . Thank you Roxane for being my mentor and someone that I will always look up to.