Vancouver, BC

Amit Behniwal & Jennifer Kluth

Amit Behniwal & Jennifer Kluth

Amit Behniwal

Administrative Assistant

Jennifer Kluth

Timekeeper Administrative Coordinator

Profile submitted by: Krystin Boyce & Rochelle Gellatly

Brief description of role or responsibilities

Amit and Jenn help the SMH Pharmacy Department run smoothly on a daily basis.  We depend on them to help coordinate our staff scheduling, book administrative and education related events, maintain timekeeping and payroll records, and complete staff onboarding among a million other jobs behind the scenes.

Describe how the individual or team made a positive contribution to patient care or their pharmacy department:

Amit and Jenn work tirelessly to support the entire SMH Pharmacy department helping ensure we are able to provide seamless care to improve our patients’ experience.  By coordinating our distribution and clinical staffing schedules, they ensure we have the team members on site so patients medication related needs are met. 

Amit and Jenn provide tremendous amounts of support to the Pharmacy Department Leadership team by way of facilitating meetings with other SMH site leadership, problem solving and recommending solutions, answering inquiries and maintaining essential documents and procedures required to keep the Pharmacy department functioning. 

Both Amit and Jenn always provide a positive outlook, and continually demonstrate flexibility, adaptability and a willingness to help. They are much appreciated by the entire SMH Pharmacy team.

Thank you for all you do!