Vancouver, BC

Ray Jang

Ray Jang

Ray Jang

Interim Manager LMPS

Profile submitted by: Sunny Gidda

Brief description of role or responsibilities

Ray is currently our interim manager within LMPS. His usual position is Distribution Coordinator at Surrey Memorial Hospital.

Describe how the individual or team made a positive contribution to patient care or their pharmacy department:

Ray has been a mentor to me from the beginning of my LMPS career that started 15 years ago.

When I started at Surrey Memorial Hospital as a brand new grade 2 clinical pharmacist, Ray himself was starting out as a new leader in our department. As a new (overwhelmed and scared) pharmacist having a mentor to lean on early on in my career was a blessing! Despite being a relatively new formal leader, Ray quickly took me under his wings and became my mentor. Most importantly he has helped me recognize my potential and find which specific aspect of pharmacy I enjoy the most and want to build my career around.

I feel that he has always had my back as I have progressed in my own leadership journey. This relationship has changed over the years but the support has not. That support has not been limited to only when I am working alongside him at Surrey Memorial Hospital, but  has continued as I have moved to different positions across LMPS for which I am very grateful.

He is the one mentor who I can turn to in confidence and discuss my struggles, challenges, opportunities openly and honestly. This is truly invaluable for any leader!