Vancouver, BC

Angela Tong

Angela Tong

Angela Tong

Clinical Pharmacist

Profile submitted by:
Ginny Chen, Madison Lai

Brief description of role or responsibilities

As the clinical pharmacist at the Timber Creek Tertiary Care Facility, Angela is an active and valued member of the care team where her clinical expertise is relied upon. She showcases the importance pharmacists are to an inter-professional team when caring for complex patients. Angela continuously demonstrates ongoing commitment to her patients and students.

Describe how the individual or team made a positive contribution to patient care or their pharmacy department:

Angela exemplifies many qualities which make her a great mentor and teacher. We were fortunate enough to have her as a preceptor last year during our 4th year rotation where we received guidance, support, and effective feedback. During our time with her, we gained valuable experience contributing to the health care team and optimizing patient outcomes. We use many of the foundations she has taught us in our practice today.

Angela has provided ongoing encouragement and opportunities to help me reach my goals. Furthermore, she makes time to share resources and personal experiences to help me better understand clinical scenarios. Her dedication to provide the best patient care has furthered my interest in both hospital pharmacy and the field of mental health.

Thank you, Angela!