Vancouver, BC

Lily Lin

Lily Lin

Lily Lin

Clinical Pharmacist

Profile submitted by: Ming Chang

Brief description of role or responsibilities​

Lily is a residency trained, Clinical Pharmacist practicing at Vancouver General Hospital. She is extremely knowledgeable and covers multiple clinical services, including Internal Medicine, Hospitalist Medicine, Neurology, Neurosurgery, Kidney Transplant and Emergency Medicine.

Describe how the individual or team made a positive contribution to patient care or their pharmacy department:

I have known Lily since our days as co-residents. Even during our residency training, she has demonstrated her robust work ethic and always prioritizes patient care above all else. Lily never shies away from challenges. She is punctual, thorough with her work and always looking for ways to continue to improve.

Since completing our training together, her talent as a professional and her maturity as a person have continued to shine. I think it’s a huge testament to have a clinician trained and practicing regularly in multiple key clinical services, as this reflects her strong knowledge base, adaptability, and the confidence she instills in everyone.

It’s not uncommon to hear colleagues praising Lily for her work and level of patient care. She is often seen staying late to ensure a discharge or other paperwork is done smoothly. She supports fellow pharmacists whenever they have questions.

Lily may not realize or take credit for this, but her presence and practice definitely elevate those around her to become a stronger and more compassionate clinician. Thank you for all that you do to support your colleagues and deliver the best patient care.