Vancouver, BC

Amanda Barton

Amanda Barton

Amanda Barton

Clinical Pharmacy Specialist Pediatric Complex Pain

Profile submitted by:
Laura Atiyeh & Ian Villamin

Brief description of role or responsibilities

Amanda is currently the Clinical Pharmacy Specialist for Pediatric Complex Pain at BC Children’s & Women’s Hospital.

Amanda recently finished her Advanced (Year 2) Pharmacy Residency in 2022 and has been working as a Clinical Pharmacist Specialist at BC Children’s Hospital.

Describe how the individual or team made a positive contribution to patient care or their pharmacy department:

Amanda is extremely knowledgeable, and always willing to help colleagues with any questions or extra tasks they have.

She is hardworking, enthusiastic, kind, supportive, and creates a fun work environment for everyone. She is a great teacher to students/residents, patients and families, and colleagues. She has taught me so much about patient education and critical appraisal, and mentored me through many complex clinical cases.

Amanda goes above and beyond when providing patient care and working with the interprofessional team.

I am so grateful to work with such an inspiring pharmacist!

– Laura Atiyeh

I’m so thankful that I had Amanda as my preceptor for my first direct patient care rotation of residency at BC Children’s and Women’s Hospital.

Amanda expertly led by example as an integral member of the team and it was inspiring to see. Since day one, she was able to quickly create a safe learning environment, where I consistently felt heard and motivated. She also provided me with many opportunities to help further refine my knowledge and skills. It was clear to me that Amanda truly cared for my learning and that with her guidance, I was able to grow in several ways as a resident.

Amanda’s wealth of knowledge and care for her patients is not only evident to me, but also to the staff at C&W pharmacy. Her passion for teaching and willingness to always help others deserves recognition and I have no doubt that with her new role in Pediatric Complex Pain at C&W, she will continue to positively impact her future learners and patients.

– Ian Villamin