Vancouver, BC

Osric Sin

Osric Sin

Osric Sin

St. Paul’s Hospital Ambulatory Pharmacy Coordinator  

Profile submitted by: Heather Chui, Erin Ready, Kathy Lepik, Michelle Wong

Brief description of role or responsibilities​

Osric Sin is the Coordinator of St. Paul’s Hospital Ambulatory Pharmacy, which supplies antiretroviral medications for the treatment and prevention of HIV for thousands of patients across British Columbia.

Describe how the individual or team made a positive contribution to patient care or their pharmacy department:

Oz has dedicated his career to working with some of the most vulnerable patients.  He began his career on the front lines caring for hospitalized HIV patients at St Paul’s Hospital and continues to his present day position as ambulatory pharmacy coordinator.  His ability to calmly navigate through chaos is inspirational. Whether it be empathizing with patients or working with them to solve drug therapy issues, it is clear that he truly cares about them as individuals.  Our patients trust him and speak highly of him. 

Oz is an outstanding educator and mentor. He promotes collaboration among staff across different settings (inpatient, ambulatory and\ community).  Not only does he have extensive clinical experience but he is very generous with his time.  Clinicians across British Columbia often consult him and rely on him for advice.

Our staff never hesitate to approach him for issues big or small.  He always has time to provide a listening ear and help guide us through difficult ethical, technical, and clinical situations.  He has a supportive management style; he encourages us to problem solve on our own before jumping in with his point of view.   He is constantly pushing the boundaries of what the profession can achieve, supporting pharmacy staff to utilize their full scope of practice in their day-to-day work, whether they be assistants, technicians, or pharmacists.

Oz goes above and beyond to maximize staff well being.  For example, we have had staffing challenges with the expansion of the PrEP program and he has advocated strongly on our behalf so we can continue to provide exemplary patient care and thrive in our jobs.  His creative mindset has been key in navigating ever- evolving clinical workflow needs.  His skills continue to be tested with ongoing inventory supply issues.  Despite all of this, he maintains a positive attitude no matter what the situation.

Under Oz’s supervision, the department has become a collaborative hub.  He leads by example – our staff always feel valued. He motivates us to work our hardest to care for our highly specialized patient population.

Oz is an incredible boss and the reason we all love coming to work every day!