Vancouver, BC

Kinson Tse

Kinson Tse

Kinson Tse

Clinical Pharmacist

Profile submitted by: Vicky O’Dwyer

Brief description of role or responsibilities

Kinson is a residency trained clinical pharmacist with the Richmond Primary Care Network (PCN). He was one of the original 20 pharmacists hired in 2021 to spearhead the PCN program. 

He brings a wide variety of clinical experience including internal medicine, geriatrics, and orthopedics from his time at Vancouver General Hospital. 

Kinson collaborates with patients and the primary care team to identify and resolve actual and potential drug therapy problems through comprehensive medication management.

Describe how the individual or team made a positive contribution to patient care or their pharmacy department:

Since starting our roles at Richmond Primary Care, Kinson has demonstrated a passion for patient care. His methodical approach demonstrates efficiency to improving safety and health outcomes.

Kinson’s depth of medication knowledge has turned him into medication expert amongst the interdisciplinary and primary care prescribers. He is always available to his colleagues, making him a team player.

His dedication to this profession has been vital to promoting the role of clinical pharmacist in primary care.