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LGH Technicians & Assistants

LGH Technicians & Assistants

LGH Technicians & Assistants

Lions Gate Hospital – Pharmacy Technicians & Assistants

Profile submitted by: Tracey Decker

Brief description of role or responsibilities

Pharmacy technicians and pharmacy assistants are an integral part of the health care system. 

Describe how the individual or team made a positive contribution to patient care or their pharmacy department:

To ensure patient’s medications are on the wards – Pharmacy Technicians and Pharmacy Assistants make daily deliveries starting in the early morning before most patients are even awake and continuing throughout the day.

Pharmacy Technicians are responsible for preparing and checking IV medications for patients.

Pharmacy Assistants prepare anesthesia trays for LGH’s operating rooms.

I am very proud of the hard work and dedication that our team brings each day to ensure patient care is uninterrupted.