Vancouver, BC

Meghan Hall

Meghan Hall

Meghan Hall

Pharmacy Technician Supervisor, Fort St John Hospital, Northern Health

Profile submitted by: Vivian Phan

Brief description of role or responsibilities

Meghan is the Pharmacy Tech Supervisor for the Fort St. John Hospital. She started with Northern Health in 2011 and recently transitioned to her new role. She is heavily involved in the pharmacy department with numerous roles and responsibilities. She acts as a supportive colleague for the pharmacy technicians, organizes rotational duties, and coordinates schedules. 

She also acts as an important liaison between the pharmacy department and other departments in the hospital, which allows for smoother inter-department communication.

Describe how the individual or team made a positive contribution to patient care or their pharmacy department:

Meghan is a vital part of the pharmacy department at the Fort St. John Hospital. As a supervisor, she supports her staff while leading by example. For example, if there are busy days in the dispensary, she recognizes areas that requires help and will jump in to help wherever and whenever she can.

Your contributions have not gone unnoticed Meghan – thank you for all of your hard work!