Vancouver, BC

Cloë Cullen

Cloë Cullen

Cloë Cullen

Registered Pharmacy Technician

Profile submitted by: Jenna Madigan

Brief description of role or responsibilities

Cloë is a Registered Pharmacy Technician at Langley Memorial Hospital.

Describe how the individual or team made a positive contribution to patient care or their pharmacy department:

Cloë consistently exceeds expectations in all facets of her role. She is a wealth of knowledge and excels at all things Meditech, IV’s, etc. Cloë isn’t easily intimidated by complex tasks or situations.

Her problem-solving abilities are impeccable…often pleasing even the most anal retentive of pharmacists. Her commitment to the profession is above and beyond as she sits on multiple committees and collaborates with physicians and pharmacists to bring clarity and practicality to complex presentations. Cloë is the first person to volunteer for projects (ie. writing training manuals, taking the lead on setting up med rooms in our new ER and overhauling the master schedule to appease both the needs of the department and team). She can always be counted on to support colleagues throughout a project as well. Her work ethic and positivity are inspiring. Cloë has earned the respect and admiration of everyone she works with.

Thank you Cloë for all that you do, we all appreciate you so much!