Vancouver, BC

Corie-Anne Defelice

Corie-Anne Defelice

Corie-Anne Defelice

Northern Health North West Sterile Compounding Coordinator

Profile submitted by: Gordon Ling

Brief description of role or responsibilities

As a sterile compounding coordinator, Corie-Anne works to maintains pharmacy compliance with the legislated standards required to compound hazardous and non-hazardous sterile preparations. She works collaboratively with Pharmacy Managers, Pharmacy Technician Supervisors, and other

Sterile Compounding Coordinators to implement regional standards. She is responsible for providing direct operational support to pharmacy technician staff responsible for compounding pharmaceutical products.

Describe how the individual or team made a positive contribution to patient care or their pharmacy department:

I have known Corie-Anne for a few years now. She joined our small site when we were undergoing an exodus of technicians in 2019. So to say she was a life saver was an understatement. Although she had spent the majority of her career in the retail sector, she effortlessly made her transition into hospital practice.

From the get go, Corie-Anne has gone above and beyond, always lending a hand where help is needed. Whether it’s when the dispensary is struggling or when chemotherapy mixing is overwhelming, she always keeps her composure. She helped to train newer staff without any prompting and has handled all the problems that we have thrown at her so far with ease. I liked comparing pharmacy to a Christmas tree; I’m a decorative ornament and the techs are the tree trunks holding everything up.

When the opportunity came up for her to assist with the implementation of NAPRA standards in Northern Health, she gladly accepted the challenge and became the coordinator for the sites in the North West. Although she hasn’t had quite enough time to actually perform her job due to the technician shortages, she has made tremendous strides making sure we are compliant with the standards to ensure the safety for staff members and patients.

I’m fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with Corie-Anne and I look forward to work with her again when I complete my residency training.