Vancouver, BC

Jennifer Kendrick

Jennifer Kendrick

Jennifer Kendrick

Clinical Pharmacy Specialist – Oncology

Profile submitted by: Amanda Barton

Brief description of role or responsibilities

Jennifer is the Clinical Pharmacy Specialist for Oncology at the Children’s and Women’s Health Centre of BC. In addition, she is actively involved in both research and precepting of students and residents.

Describe how the individual or team made a positive contribution to patient care or their pharmacy department:

First off I would like to say that Jennifer is an outstanding pharmacist who deserves recognition not only for the amazing patient centered care she provides to medically complex patients, but for her contribution to education and training of learners at BCCH.

Her advanced level of clinical practice is inspirational and she encourages her learners to be enthusiastic and proactive. I was fortunate to have Jennifer as a preceptor during my year 2 pediatric residency for my oncology rotation and as a co-preceptor for my research project. In all interactions I found Jennifer to be very available and always willing to help. She even offered to help me refine my skills on data presentation throughout my residency year which allowed me to advance in the quality of my presentations.

Jennifer also made the time to attend and participate in the majority of my case/topic presentations and journal clubs throughout my residency year. She was individualized in her precepting and the detailed feedback she provided allowed me to make immediate changes and adjustments in my practice helping me grow as a clinician. I am so grateful for these experiences and to continue to have Jennifer as a mentor and colleague.