Vancouver, BC

How pharmacists are collaborating to manage pain after hospital by Tiana Tilli

Snippets from the Georgia Strait Article (click above for full article)

Our role is to help people taking prescription opioids with ongoing support once they leave the hospital. Pharmacists provide one-on-one medication management services to eligible, interested individuals in need of extra time and help. This gives people access to care and information on pain management options, without the stigma that can occur with the use of opioids. It’s free at point of service, and—thanks to phone or online appointments—we can help people across the province navigate their pain medications at home.”

Tiana Tilli, clinical pharmacist at the Pharmacists Clinic, wrote this article with help from Timothy Lim (clinical pharmacist at the Pharmacists Clinic); Kseniya Chernushkin (Royal Columbian Hospital), Arielle Beauchesne (St. Paul’s Hospital), and Karen Ng (Surrey Memorial Hospital) who are opioid stewardship pharmacists; and Barbara Gobis (pharmacist and director of the Pharmacists Clinic). 

Information and Image Source: Georgia Strait