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Pharmacy Specialty Network (PSN)

Pharmacy Specialty Networks (PSNs)

The Canadian Society of Hospital Pharmacists (CSHP) is pleased to provide networking opportunities to hospital pharmacists throughout Canada. Not only are there live professional interactions at our annual educational meetings, the Professional Practice Conference (PPC) and the Summer Educational Sessions (SES), but there is also the opportunity to cooperate virtually through our Pharmacy Specialty Networks (PSNs). The PSNs promote and enhance networking and communication among pharmacists with similar areas of interest, practice, education, research and/or management, both at national and branch levels. PSNs serve to fulfill the evolving needs of members who share common professional interests.

What are Key Benefits?

  • Communication and networking among members of each specialty group via an electronic mailing list
  • Opportunities to develop educational session(s) pertaining to each PSN specialty at the CSHP Professional Practice Conference (PPC) and/or Summer Educational Sessions (SES)
  • Opportunities for members to collaborate on projects/research
  • Opportunities to serve as both opinion leaders and key resources for CSHP Council on professional specialty issues, including development of relevant position or information papers

CSHP encourages networking and continues to find ways to join hospital pharmacists throughout the country.

How do I join a PSN?

CSHP members and individual supporters may join as many Pharmacy Specialty Networks (PSN) as they want. Joining a PSN is easy:

  • Go to
  • Register – you only have to do this the first time you visit the QID page.  Please make sure that you register with the same email address that is associated with your CSHP membership profile
  • Log in on the QID page
  • Join whichever PSN(s) communities you would like
  • Talk – start a conversation with your colleagues from across the country

Watch these tutorials in order to help you:

  • Understand the QID platform (this short, 5-minute video will provide you with an overview of what you can expect from QID)
  • The PSN membership year runs from July 1st to June 30th. Your membership in a PSN continues as long as you are a current individual member of CSHP, or you choose to end your participation with a PSN.

For more information on the various PSNs, click [here]