Vancouver, BC

VGH Acute Psychiatry Pharmacists

VGH Acute Psychiatry Pharmacists

VGH Acute Psychiatry Pharmacists

Alison Yong, Charlotte Boone, James Kim, Nathan Kellock

Profile submitted by: Jacky Siu

Brief description of role or responsibilities​

The Vancouver General Hospital Acute Psychiatry Pharmacists provide comprehensive pharmaceutical care to over 100 patients.  These pharmacists are involved in every stage of the patient’s care.  From admission medication history, pharmacological treatments planning and monitoring, to discharge planning, these pharmacists are adding their expertise to the larger inter-disciplinary team

Describe how the individual or team made a positive contribution to patient care or their pharmacy department:

In psychiatric disorders, medications have a big part for most patients’ recovery journeys.  This group of dedicated, compassionate psychiatric pharmacists play a major role in each patient’s psychiatric and medical care.

They help uncover past treatment trials and navigate the complex interplays between psychotropic medications to address current symptomatology.

When concerns arise with psychotropics and lactation, the pharmacists provide evidence-based recommendations and in-depth counselling to patient and families.

Ensuring continuity of care, these pharmacists sort out medication coverages, coordinate multiple pharmacies to accommodate psychotropics, opioid agonist therapy and other medication needs.


To adapt to the ever-changing opioid epidemic, these pharmacists keep up to date on cutting-edge research and lead discussions to apply them in their day-to-day practice.

What does the team have to say about this team of pharmacists?  “They go above and beyond in providing fantastic patient care. They aren’t allowed to leave us!