Vancouver, BC

Tila Pelletier

Tila Pelletier

Tila Pelletier

Clinical Pharmacist, Pharmacy Educator

Profile submitted by: Jervin Jain

Brief description of role or responsibilities​

Clinical Pharmacist in Medicine and a Pharmacy Educator, in addition to supervising students and residents, offering feedback, and facilitating learning experiences to help students develop clinical skills and professionalism essential for their future careers.

Describe how the individual or team made a positive contribution to patient care or their pharmacy department:

Tila has been an extraordinary mentor to me and demonstrated genuine care and support throughout my learning experience. From the way she talks about her students, it is easy to tell she genuinely cares about the student and wants to see them succeed. What sets her apart is her ability to identify knowledge gaps and provide constructive feedback or ask critical questions to improve our thought processes. With her guidance, I’ve learned not only to address mistakes but also to refine my approach and thought process, ensuring continuous improvement and avoiding similar errors in the future. Her guidance has been critical in my development and she fostered a learning environment where I felt empowered to grow. Thank you Tila!