Vancouver, BC

Trana Hussaini

Trana Hussaini

Trana Hussaini

Clinical Coordinator, Vancouver General Hospital

Clinical Pharmacy Specialist, Liver Transplant

Clinical Associate Professor, UBC Pharmacy

Profile submitted by: Ming Chang, Louise Lau, Shelly Lu

Brief description of role or responsibilities​

Dr. Trana Hussaini is the Clinical Coordinator for our pharmacy team at Vancouver General Hospital. She is also the Clinical Pharmacy Specialist in Liver Transplant.

Describe how the individual or team made a positive contribution to patient care or their pharmacy department:

The three of us are jointly submitting a Mentor Profile for Dr. Trana Hussaini because we have all had the privilege of training with and learning from the inspirational pioneer herself. It gives us great pleasure to recognize Trana’s exceptional contributions as a mentor, friend, and expert in clinical pharmacy.

Trana is likely not an unfamiliar name to many of our colleagues.  Prior to her current role as Clinical Coordinator at Vancouver General Hospital, she practiced as a Clinical Pharmacy Specialist in many key clinical areas, including Critical Care, Leukemia/BMT and Liver Transplant. She is an established researcher, with many peer-reviewed publications. Her work in Liver Transplant is widely acknowledged and celebrated. In fact, in 2018, the Canadian Liver Foundation honoured Trana for her phenomenal work in Hepatology.

Trana is also a Clinical Associate Professor with the UBC Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences. She consistently goes above and beyond to mentor and support our colleagues, fostering an environment of learning and growth within our department. Not only is she always willing to share her expertise and experiences, but there also doesn’t seem to be a question she doesn’t have an answer to. All three of us have asked Trana for help regarding the most challenging clinical scenarios, and she always provides excellent guidance and insight.

In more recent years, to our department’s benefit, Trana has accepted a leadership role as Clinical Coordinator at VGH. She demonstrates outstanding leadership qualities in various capacities, whether it be leading clinical teams, spearheading initiatives, or advocating for improvements in patient care practices. And most importantly, Trana leads by example.

In summary, we firmly believe that Trana embodies the qualities of a leader, role model and expert in clinical pharmacy. And we have no idea how she wears so many hats at the same time and still manages to do so in such a well-balanced fashion. We are so lucky to be able to lean on her as we learn to become stronger clinicians ourselves. Thank you, Trana!