Vancouver, BC

Amanda Ouellet

Amanda Ouellet

Amanda Ouellet

Pharmacy Technician

Profile submitted by: Laura Harrison

Brief description of role or responsibilities​

Amanda has many roles and juggles them all seamlessly. I work with Amanda for automated dispensing cabinet (ADC) rollouts and often consult with her for AcuDose education, report reviews and discrepancy management.

Describe how the individual or team made a positive contribution to patient care or their pharmacy department:

I have worked with Amanda for the past 2 years in a project capacity and have appreciated her consistent approach to medication and patient safety. In addition to Amandas full time role as a Pharmacy Tech, she supports project work implementing medication dispensing cabinets. Her knowledge and expertise has guided workflow and ensured timely and smooth transitions. Amanda goes above and beyond and is always available for support and mentoring with the different aspects of ADC work. If there was any Island Health employee that should be cloned, she is the one!


Kudo’s to an amazing Pharmacy Tech who goes above and beyond…… everyday.