Vancouver, BC

Lisa Yip

Lisa Yip

Lisa Yip

Clinical Pharmacy Informatics Specialist

Profile submitted by: Ian Villamin

Brief description of role or responsibilities​

Lisa is a Clinical Pharmacy Informatics Specialist at BC Children’s and Women’s Hospital, primarily providing support to the pediatric oncology team.

Describe how the individual or team made a positive contribution to patient care or their pharmacy department:

Lisa always goes above and beyond in helping people. For me personally, she taught me so much during my oncology training and has consistently been patient with me whenever I reach out for help. During my training, she always made sure that I understood everything and took the extra time to provide further clarifications when needed. It’s also very clear to me that other members of the oncology team, including physicians, other pharmacists, and pharmacy technicians, appreciate all of the leadership and support that she provides. She is always so calm and thoughtful when helping to troubleshoot any kind of issue. Lisa’s work as a Clinical Pharmacy Informatics Specialist has definitely made positive impacts on the oncology team and deserves a kudos!