Vancouver, BC

Tila Pelletier

Tila Pelletier

Pharmacy Mentor Spotlight

Tila Pelletier

Clinical Pharmacist & Experiential Education Facilitator

Vancouver General Hospital

Profile submitted by:
Charles Au

Brief description of role or responsibilities

Tila provides support for pharmacy students on rotation at Vancouver General Hospital as well as for their preceptors. She also works as a clinical pharmacist in Medicine.

Description of how they are a great mentor or has positively influenced you and the pharmacy profession:

Tila is an amazing pharmacist, teacher and mentor. Her energy and curiosity are infectious – I can always count on Tila to ask tough but fair questions and to point out connections and discrepancies that no one else would have noticed. Tila has a wealth of experience working with learners at all levels, and for me personally, she has motivated me to learn how to teach and to value teaching as its own skillset. Tila encourages everyone in their own ability to learn and grow, and coaches her students and colleagues when they encounter a roadblock to find that next step or new way to approach a problem. She is the very definition of going above and beyond, often spending her own time supporting others – whether that is through working through some patient cases, organizing (safe) social gatherings for the department or taking the time to chat. From all of us who have benefitted from your teaching, mentorship and delicious baking – thank you Tila!