Vancouver, BC

Sean Gorman

Sean Gorman

Pharmacy Mentor Spotlight

Sean Gorman

Pharmacy Director – Interior Health East and South 

Profile submitted by:
Megan Harbin & Shaylee Peterson

Brief description of role or responsibilities

As a pharmacy director Dr. Sean Gorman oversees seven clinical pharmacy specialists, antimicrobial stewardship program, research, performance monitoring and is the director for five community and regional hospitals in Interior Health.

Description of how they are a great mentor or has positively influenced you and the pharmacy profession:

Throughout his career, Sean has had an invaluable impact on the pharmacy profession through his clinical, research and administrative duties. Sean is a passionate researcher and instills enthusiasm in his staff and learners year after year. We feel very fortunate to work with Sean as he gives us autonomy and supports us pursuing research, teaching and quality improvement initiatives that we are passionate about. Although we are geographically separated, Sean is always available and provides us with regular support and mentorship. We feel inspired to continue to pave the way for research and quality improvement initiatives in our clinical areas because of Sean’s leadership and mentorship.