Vancouver, BC

Shantall McFee

Shantall McFee

Shantall McFee

Sterile Compounding Trainer Supervisor

Profile submitted by: Georgia Wilkinson

Brief description of role or responsibilities

Shantall is in a Supervisor 1 position as the Sterile Compounding Trainer.

Describe how the individual or team made a positive contribution to patient care or their pharmacy department:

She has single-handedly incorporated NAPRA Standards within the CRG Pharmacy Department resulting in CRG Pharmacy being the most compliant and being able to pass all QUESS Certification.

She has spent countless hours assembling pertinent information for the Pharmacy Team developing a comprehensive Sterile Compounding training program for CIVA and CHEMO so that we are able to accurately carry out our competencies.

She eagerly communicates every change to ensure that we all have a reliable knowledge base.

She is a CHANGE CHAMPION with dependable leadership skills.