Vancouver, BC

Sandy Baptie

Sandy Baptie

Pharmacy Mentor Spotlight

Sandy Baptie

Clinical Pharmacist

Surrey Memorial Hospital

Profile submitted by: Lillian Lo

Brief description of role or responsibilities

Sandy is a clinical pharmacist on the medicine unit at Surrey Memorial Hospital.

Description of how they are a great mentor or has positively influenced you and the pharmacy profession:

Sandy was my preceptor for my fourth year PHRM 472 inpatient rotation. She truly cared about my experience; she always provided me with diverse opportunities to learn and be challenged. For example, she made an effort to find a variety of patient cases for me to build my knowledge. Sandy also spent time to work on my foundational skills, such as writing SOAP notes, orders, and doing discharge prescriptions. This enabled me to develop my confidence and eventually work more independently by the end of my rotation. Her positivity, enthusiasm and kind-heartedness made my practicum experience significantly more enjoyable and fun! Sandy was extremely committed to improving the student experience as she was always open for feedback and strategies to enrich the practicum experience. I hope Sandy continues to work with students in the future as they will benefit from her expertise.