Vancouver, BC

Igor Chalatnik

Igor Chalatnik

Pharmacy Mentor Spotlight

Clinical Pharmacist

Ridge Meadows Hospital

Profile submitted by: Amy Le-Leung

Brief description of role or responsibilities

Igor is a clinical pharmacist at RMH. He is responsible for consulting with physicians, nurses and other health care providers to address patient therapy and medication issues on the ICU, and acute wards.

Description of how they are a great mentor or has positively influenced you and the pharmacy profession:

Igor is a compassionate pharmacist and a supportive team member. He often takes the time to explain how he would interpret a complex order, or how I could adjust medications requiring therapeutic drug monitoring. Time permitting, he will go through his clinical thought process to ensure I understand for the next encounter. He also showed me how to interpret lab results or imaging.

Igor inspires me to be a better pharmacist. I now take an extra step to understand the possible clinical expectations or situation outside of the written order, to understand the clinical reasoning behind a change in medication or a choice of treatment.