Vancouver, BC

Michele Leadbeater

Michele Leadbeater

Michele Leadbeater

Pharmacy Technician at the Dawson Creek and District Hospital (DCDH)

Profile submitted by:
Tara (Cheuk Wai) Luk

Brief description of role or responsibilities

Michele is a pharmacy technician at the Dawson Creek and District Hospital (DCDH), located in Dawson Creek (not the TV show) which is a city of 13,000 in the Northeast Northern Health Region. 

Michele currently takes care of chemotherapy and cytotoxic drug preparation for the DCDH and the hospital in the nearby city of Fort St. John.

Describe how the individual or team made a positive contribution to patient care or their pharmacy department:

Michele very much deserves recognition because of her instrumental role in the recent DCDH pharmacy department flood. As the pharmacy filled with a foot of water, Michele didn’t hesitate to take on an emergency onsite leadership role by coordinating the relocation of the pharmacy department to a new area while ensuring seamless and ongoing pharmacy services. 

Additionally, Michele is a team player who is always ready to help her colleagues in other technician rotations if it’s been a particularly busy day. Michele is also an interprofessional advocate: she regularly engages with the nurses at DCDH to expand their understanding of the pharmacy profession’s role in the healthcare team.

She maintains a positive attitude and it’s clear that she cares about her work and her patients. Colleagues have noted that Michele always has her patients’ best interests in mind when she is making a decision, especially when it comes to her work in chemotherapy and cytotoxic drug preparation. One nursing colleague highlighted that Michele would visit patients in the chemotherapy treatment room to “put a face to the name”. 

Keep up the great work, Michele!