Vancouver, BC

Dr. Glen Brown

Dr. Glen Brown

Dr. Glen Brown

Critical Care Clinical Pharmacy Specialist at St. Paul’s Hospital

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Shirley Su

Brief description of role or responsibilities

Dr. Glen Brown is the Critical Care Clinical Pharmacy Specialist at St. Paul’s Hospital

Describe how the individual or team made a positive contribution to patient care or their pharmacy department:

Upon starting my PGY2 residency training, I was already anticipating and excited for my rotation with Dr. Glen Brown; a widely renowned pharmacist for being a pioneer in our profession with an enthusiasm and commitment to teaching and mentoring, impacting so many clinicians personally and professionally.

Through Glen’s iconic diagrams (which he draws himself), my knowledge of pathophysiology and pharmacology quickly deepened. Beyond a wealth of knowledge, Glen also provided fundamental building blocks to develop my critical thinking. He provides an encouraging and nurturing environment, where I felt comfortable to ask my questions and felt valued as a learner and independent practitioner. As I offered my insights and developed my practice, I built confidence and a sense of ownership over my learning.

There is much to admire about Glen. His advocacy for our profession inspires me in my practice to advance our scope. In his role at SPH ICU, he is clearly an anchor for pharmacists as well as all members of the health care team. Though my drawing skills still need lots of work, Glen’s contagious enthusiasm and passion for teaching has forever changed my view on precepting and mentoring. In many ways, this is what I knew of Glen before I met him, and having the opportunity to learn under his wing and experience this firsthand has impacted me both personally and professionally. 

Like many others before me, my time with Glen will always serve as a foundation that I will cherish and continue building upon. 

Thank you again for everything!