Vancouver, BC

Mahshid Poursartip

Mahshid Poursartip

Mahshid Poursartip

Pharmacy Manager at Pure at Dunbar

Profile submitted by:
Sean Ling

Brief description of role or responsibilities

Mahshid is currently the pharmacy manager at Pure Pharmacy at Dunbar, who works collaboratively with the physicians next door.

Describe how the individual or team made a positive contribution to patient care or their pharmacy department:

I’ve had the pleasure to be precepted by Mashid. I learned so much when I was around my preceptor. It is truly an honor to learn from Mahshid.
One of the most important contributions that my preceptor makes toward the professional development of the student such as me is to serve as an exemplary role model. 

Although students gain substantive content knowledge and practice skills through didactic courses, it is within the practice setting that students acquire professional behaviors. Students learn how to interact with patients, with other healthcare professionals, and staff by observing how their preceptor performs. 

Furthermore, I have benefited from the knowledge and expertise of my preceptors over the course of the rotation. Mahshid encourages me to ask questions that motivate me to remain actively involved. Overall, thank you for everything you have taught me to help me push myself to be the best pharmacist that I can be. You really showed me the way on becoming a good pharmacist who truly cares for the patients.

I’d like to give kudos to Mahshid for her hard work, passion, and dedication to her profession as a Pharmacist. Her impeccable knowledge on medications and optimism as a leader and team player is worthy of recognition.