Vancouver, BC

Kendra Clary and Jean Johnson

Kendra Clary and Jean Johnson

Northern Health MedSafety Pharmacy Technicians

Jean Johnson

Kendra Clary

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Serena Quan

Brief description of role or responsibilities

Kendra and Jean are the regional Medication Safety pharmacy technicians for Northern Health. Under the supervision of the Director of Pharmacy, and working in junction with the Medication Safety Officer and the Medication Use Management pharmacists, together these two support the performance and improvement of activities of hospital medication safety programs.

Describe how the individual or team made a positive contribution to patient care or their pharmacy department:

I had the lovely opportunity of meeting Kendra and Jean late last year during my Leadership and Medication Use Management rotations of residency.

I was able to witness their hard work and collaboration with order set creation and development of education and training related to medication processes designed to improve safety. They were both extremely helpful and timely in completing and sharing audit information required for a project, and offered guidance to the appropriate resources. It is clear that their supportive efforts are crucial to continue to improve upon medication and patient safety.

Thank you Kendra and Jean! Your hard work and dedication is greatly appreciated.