Vancouver, BC

Dr. Michael Kammermayer

Dr. Michael Kammermayer

Dr. Michael Kammermayer

Clinical Pharmacy Specialist in Internal Medicine at Burnaby Hospital

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Tracy Liu

Brief description of role or responsibilities

Dr. Michael Kammermayer is a clinical pharmacy specialist in Internal Medicine at Burnaby Hospital. Mike provides clinical direction for complex patient cases, as well as evidence-based approaches to drug therapy. 

However, beyond his clinical roles, he is also the Experimental Education Facilitator (EEF) at Burnaby Hospital. He provides academic teaching to undergraduate and post-graduate students in their completion of hospital-based pharmacy programs in Canada. He is also the co-coordinator for the Flex PharmD acute and critical care course.

Additionally, Mike is part of the Residency Advisory Council and is a representative of the department on different multidisciplinary care committees such as the: Burnaby EOC (Emergency Operations Committee) and Burnaby HQOMC (Health Service Area Quality and Operations Management Committee).

Describe how the individual or team made a positive contribution to patient care or their pharmacy department:

At Burnaby Hospital, Mike is not only a role model but also a pillar of support for all the pharmacists and staff. 

No matter who you are, Mike always makes you feel welcome to come by his office, whether it be seeking advice or just to chat. His uplifting presence and dedication to residents, undergraduate students, and PharmD students has impacted many career paths, including mine.

During my residency rotation, Mike showed me what a difference a pharmacist can make towards their patients and how it truly feels to be part of an inter-professional team where you are relied upon everyday. 

Mike is one of those few amazing mentors who have truly made a difference in my professional journey to become a better pharmacist!