Vancouver, BC

Dr. Tim Leung

Dr. Tim Leung

Dr. Tim Leung

Clinical Pharmacy Specialist in Emergency Medicine and Clinical Coordinator at Royal Columbian Hospital

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Jenah Alibhai

Brief description of role or responsibilities

Dr. Tim Leung is a clinical pharmacy specialist in Emergency Medicine as well as the Clinical Co-ordinator at Royal Columbian Hospital.

Describe how the individual or team made a positive contribution to patient care or their pharmacy department:

As a resident last year, I was fortunate enough to have two rotations in which Tim was part of my precepting team. Despite his numerous responsibilities as clinical co-ordinator, Tim always took the time to provide guidance, support and very specific feedback to help me develop a thought process that became the foundation of my clinical practice today.

As a clinical pharmacy specialist in the emergency department, Tim is a very active member of the ED team, and showcased the importance that ED pharmacists can have in dealing with patients presenting with major traumas. 

Tim’s compassion, knowledge and patience are what make him such an effective leader and such a well-respected clinician. I hope to one day embody these attributes and pay forward all of the mentorship to future learners that I encounter. 

Thank you Tim!