Vancouver, BC

Caeleigh Smith

Caeleigh Smith

Caeleigh Smith

Clinical Pharmacist

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Brief description of role or responsibilities​

Caeleigh works as a clinical pharmacist at BC Children’s and Women’s Hospital, where she covers a number of different clinical areas, including the different CTU pediatric medicine teams. Additionally, Caeleigh is also the Experiential Education Facilitator with the University of British Columbia’s Entry-to-Practice PharmD program.

Describe how the individual or team made a positive contribution to patient care or their pharmacy department:

I was truly fortunate to have Caeleigh as a preceptor during my PGY1 Pharmacy Residency. Caeleigh was integral to my residency journey, as I walked away from my rotation with not only newfound skills and knowledge, but also a reignited joy to embrace the ebbs and flows that come with different challenges/successes moving forward throughout my career.

Caeleigh’s strength lies in her open demeanor and ability to allow it to transcend into creating a safe learning environment. In every interaction we shared, I felt at ease and comfortable sharing my process, therefore creating a way for me to practice vulnerability as I shared self-reflection throughout my rotation. In doing so allowed me to maximize learning opportunities and skill development. Caeleigh has insightful and conscientious precepting skills as she is mindful to provide perspective and acknowledge the normalcies of a typical learner’s journey. Her dedication to my learning and growth was so evidently on display during my rotation as she helped foster a greater sense of confidence.

Working today as colleagues, I can say that Caeleigh’s open and supportive demeanor extends to beyond just learners. Caeleigh is an inspiring and talented pharmacist, and I am forever grateful that we crossed paths and I get to work alongside someone as incredible as her!