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JPOCSC Pharmacy Dispensary Team

JPOCSC Pharmacy Dispensary Team

JPOCSC Pharmacy Dispensary Team

Jennie Jang

Julie Calara

Amar Dhanju

Kam Toor

Elizabeth Shaji

May Leung

Baljit Brar

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Mandeep Kandola

Jainy Jose

Setareh Masoudi

Yashmeen Rasheed

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Brief description of role or responsibilities​

JPOCSC Pharmacy dispensary pharmacists and technicians work collaboratively to ensure safe and effective medication use, encompassing tasks such as dispensing prescriptions, sterile compounding, and managing inventory.

Describe how the individual or team made a positive contribution to patient care or their pharmacy department:

Our dispensary pharmacists play a critical role in ensuring the safe and effective distribution of medications to patients. They are responsible for accurately interpreting and filling prescriptions, verifying dosages and instructions. Dispensary pharmacists also collaborate with healthcare providers to address any concerns or questions regarding prescriptions, potential drug interactions, or side effects.

Our pharmacy technicians, on the other hand, provide essential support by assisting pharmacists in dispensing medications, maintaining inventory, and ensuring accuracy in prescription filling. Their attention to detail and organizational skills help streamline pharmacy operations, allowing pharmacists to focus on clinical responsibilities. Together, JPOCSC pharmacists and technicians form a cohesive team dedicated to delivering high-quality pharmaceutical care and improve overall patient outcomes.