Vancouver, BC

Luciana Frighetto

Luciana Frighetto

Pharmacy Mentor Spotlight

Luciana Frighetto

Director, Lower Mainland Pharmacy Services

Profile submitted by: Steve Shalansky

Brief description of role or responsibilities

Luciana oversees all Pharmacy Operations and Clinical programs for three large teaching hospitals (and their affiliated sites) for Lower Mainland Pharmacy Services (LMPS). This includes Vancouver General Hospital (with UBC Hospital, GF Strong), St. Paul’s Hospital (with Mount St. Joseph’s) and Royal Columbian Hospital. She also is responsible for the Medication Use Evaluation portfolio for LMPS which includes overseeing drug use and involvement in formulary decision-making as a member of the provincial Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee.  I have reported directly to Luciana in my roles of Clinical Coordinator, Manager and Director over the last 10 years.

Description of how they are a great mentor or has positively influenced you and the pharmacy profession:

Luciana is always a calm, rationale yet assertive decision maker.  She has a casual, down-to-earth style that is both collaborative and friendly.  She has always been very well-respected by all her peers as she has worked her way up through an impressive pharmacy administrative career ladder.  She has taught me how to make careful, balanced decisions and coached me through times when I wasn’t quite as rational as I should have been.   Luciana has changed jobs a few times during the 10 years I have worked with her, but I always seem to end up as one of her direct reports.  That was not a coincidence.  I have made career decisions based on several factors that are particularly important to me, and having a great mentor as a boss has always been one of them.