Vancouver, BC

Kelsey Choo

Kelsey Choo

Kelsey Choo

General Medicine Pharmacist at Campbell River Hospital

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Christina Bui

Brief description of role or responsibilities

Kelsey is a Clinical Pharmacist at Campbell River Hospital as well as a Pharmacy Residency Preceptor and a UBC Faculty of Pharmacy Preceptor.

Describe how the individual or team made a positive contribution to patient care or their pharmacy department:

Kelsey is the stuff dreams are made of when we say we say pharmacists are essential health care workers, when we say pharmacists provide cognitive services, when we say pharmacists improve patient safety and health outcomes.

Kelsey works on our General Medicine floor and has fully integrated herself into the care team. She is well respected by the interdisciplinary team and a mentor to our department. Kelsey takes on Pharmacy Residents as well as UBC Pharmacy 4th year students teaching them and inspiring them to see the full impact a visible Clinical Pharmacist can have on patient care and lasting relationships we can build with the health care team.

Her expertise lies not only in evidence based medicine and the latest trials, but also in the practical operational and distribution side of the pharmacy. She raises patient safety standards by ensuring that medication policies and procedures are followed and updated to meet the needs of our ever changing health care system and patient population.