Vancouver, BC

Herb Wong

Herb Wong

Pharmacy Mentor Spotlight

Herb Wong

Cardiology Clinical Pharmacy Specialist

Surrey Memorial Hospital

Profile submitted by: Arjun Randhawa

Brief description of role or responsibilities

Clinical Pharmacy Specialist on the Cardiac Care Unit at Surrey Memorial Hospital. Herb provides direct patient care activities while supporting research and clinical rotations amongst pharmacy residents.

Description of how they are a great mentor or has positively influenced you and the pharmacy profession:

My mentorship experience with Herb Wong started off during my BC Lower Mainland Pharmacy Services residency year. Herb was assigned as my mentor. I could not have asked for a better mentor during my residency. As many of us know pharmacy residency is full of ups and downs, and Herb coached me through all of it. He provided me with advice during the year, which led me to be a successful graduate of the program. During my residency I was fortunate to have had a Cardiology rotation with Herb, and I got to see him in action. Herb truly embodies what it means to be a clinical pharmacist, and clinical pharmacy specialist. On the Cardiac Care Unit, Herb ensures all of his patients receive the best care possible. He instills evidence based practice into his day-day role and helps to educate the entire team on the new best practices pertaining to cardiology and other body systems when needed. Herb goes out of his way to ensure all of the staff understand why patients are being treated with certain medications/regimens and because of this he is loved by the entire team. Following my completion of the residency program Herb went from being my preceptor to my colleague. Herb remains a mentor to me as I transition from resident to practicing clinical pharmacist. During my time working as a hospital pharmacist I have turned to Herb time and time again for advice and mentorship and he has always led me on the right path. I would not be where I am today without Herb! Thanks for everything mate!