Vancouver, BC

Dr. Jenah Alibhai

Dr. Jenah Alibhai

Dr. Jenah Alibhai

Clinical Pharmacist at Vancouver General Hospital

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Reema Abdoulrezzak

Brief description of role or responsibilities

Dr. Jenah Alibhai is a Clinical Pharmacist at the Vancouver General Hospital. Over the past year and a half, she has presented at events, such as CSHP-BC Pharmacy Residency ShowCases and served as a panelist for the Rho-Chi Alumni Panel: Hospital Residency and Clinical Practice. Dr. Jenah Alibhai is a proud member of CSHP and continuously strives to advocate for hospital pharmacy practices and expand the boundaries of pharmacy excellence.

Describe how the individual or team made a positive contribution to patient care or their pharmacy department:

During the time, Dr. Jenah Alibhai was a Pharmacy Resident with Lower Mainland Pharmacy Services (LMPS) residency program, she volunteered to be a mentor under Rho Chi TMP-SMX TriMentorship Program. 

Her leadership and commitment towards fostering student development is evident when she chose to be a mentor for 3 students instead of the standard one mentee. She organized journal clubs and was dedicated to ensuring that each mentee was equipped with knowledge in reaching their highest potential. She constantly challenged us to become critical thinkers and expand our understanding of hospital pharmacy practice. 

Along, with her big heart and compassionate nature, she works hard in using her skills to make a positive difference in the lives of her patients. I am inspired by her goals to identify and address the gaps in the health care system. Her research focus and interest has been around anti-coagulation management. She has contributed to advocating for expanding the scope of pharmacy practice and ultimately improving patient-centred outcomes. 

She inspires us to the best version of ourselves and I am thankful for her. Her inspiring quote, “Don’t fear setbacks, fear stagnation” is important piece of advice that all pharmacists and health care providers should incorporate into their daily lives. Since our career focuses on life-long learning, and to do this we must be remain accountable, open to receiving feedback, and continue to grow our skills as clinicians. 

Dr. Jenah Alibhai is a strong role model for pharmacy students and is shaping the next generation of well-rounded pharmacy leaders.