Vancouver, BC

UBC Integration Activities Team

UBC Integration Activities Team

UBC Integration Activities Team

Colleen Brady, Fong Chan, Michelle Fischer, Jon Grosshuesch, Lia Hughes, Ali Reza Ladak, Gilly Lau, Aileen Mira, Tony Seet, Jane Xia

Profile submitted by: Fong Chan and Ali Reza Ladak

Brief description of role or responsibilities​

The Integration Activities (IA) Team is part of the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences at UBC. The IA team is responsible for the application, skills development, and knowledge integration of pharmacy students throughout their academic journey. This education is provided through lab, cases, and tutorial activities.

Describe how the individual or team made a positive contribution to patient care or their pharmacy department:

Throughout the COVID pandemic, the IA team demonstrated their commitment to pharmacy education by swiftly and effectively transitioning to online teaching. This enabled pharmacy students to continue their academic and clinical learning on practicums. Moreover, the IA team played a vital role in facilitating the injection training and certification of year three pharmacy students and interested faculty, despite the challenges of physical distancing and limited capacity. Consequently, many of these students and pharmacists contributed to the COVID19 vaccination campaign from its early stages. Recently, the IA team has further innovated with new enhancements to the curriculum and skills training, empowering pharmacy students from year one to hopefully participate in prescribing for minor ailments and contraception services. This will result in the delivery of excellent patient care in practice, both during the program and after students graduate.