Vancouver, BC

SunMe Won

SunMe Won

SunMe Won

Summit Pharmacy Coordinator

(SunMe pictured in the middle)

Profile submitted by: Justin Velletta & Amanda Brus

Brief description of role or responsibilities​

SunMe Won is the pharmacy site coordinator at The Summit long-term care. She leads the daily pharmacy operations and coordinates with the management team at The Summit and management at RJH Hub to ensure medications and related processes are completed seamlessly. SunMe also provides training and mentoring to new pharmacy staff and current pharmacists at The Summit, along with supporting Aberdeen pharmacy.

Describe how the individual or team made a positive contribution to patient care or their pharmacy department:

There have been countless ways in which SunMe has had a positive influence over the development of the pharmacy team at The Summit. From day one she has offered her support and mentorship to not only guide in our development as pharmacists but also to encourage us to practice at our full potential, learn more, and to elevate us to be able to provide our best care to our residents. She is often generous and patient in providing feedback and is effective in taking the lead to provide solutions and new ideas to resolve any issue that arises. Without SunMe The Summit and pharmacy would not be the same as she often brightens our day and inspires us to perform at our full potential.