Vancouver, BC

Rob Pammett

Rob Pammett

Pharmacy Mentor Spotlight

Rob Pammett

Research and Development Pharmacist – Primary Care for Northern Health, and Assistant Professor (Partner) in the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences at UBC

Profile submitted by:
Jordan Lewis

Brief description of role or responsibilities

  • Preceptor for primary care rotation (NHA residency program)
  • Residency research project supervisor/co-investigator

Description of how they are a great mentor or has positively influenced you and the pharmacy profession:

Rob is an excellent preceptor and really helped me to improve my patient care process as an early resident on my primary care rotation. He was also a great role model for interprofessional collaboration skills as a highly valued member of the primary care team.

Rob was an amazing source of knowledge and experience as a research project supervisor – he was able to balance providing valuable advice and feedback while still allowing me to work independently to improve my research skills. His input was invaluable and we are now working together to submit our residency project for publication in a journal.