Vancouver, BC

Marianna Leung

Marianna Leung

Pharmacy Mentor Spotlight

Marianna Leung

Clinical Pharmacy Specialist in Renal Transplant

St. Paul’s Hospital

Profile submitted by: Renée Dagenais

Brief description of role or responsibilities

Marianna is currently one of the Clinical Pharmacy Specialists in Renal Transplant at St. Paul’s Hospital. On top of her busy workload, Marianna has precepted countless undergraduate pharmacy students, pharmacy residents, and Pharm.D. student rotations and projects, and is dedicated to her roles on both the CSHP-BC Awards Committee and CSHP-BC Advocacy Committee.

Description of how they are a great mentor or has positively influenced you and the pharmacy profession:

I first met Marianna during my 3rd year of the B.Sc.(Pharm) Program at UBC, when we were paired in the CSHP-BC Student Mentorship Program. I remember shadowing her in the Renal Transplant Clinic and appreciating how quickly she was able to identify impactful solutions to patients’ drug therapy problems. It was also readily apparent how valued she was by all patients and members of the healthcare team. This experience made a lasting impression and reinforced my excitement to pursue a career as a clinical pharmacist. 

In the years since then, Marianna has been my 4th-year pharmacy instructor, Pharm.D. preceptor, and colleague at St. Paul’s Hospital, all while continuing to provide invaluable mentorship. Marianna has always demonstrated a genuine interest in learning about me, my aspirations, and in helping me formulate a plan to work toward achieving my career goals. And, regardless of how busy Marianna may be, if ever I’ve had questions regarding a patient case or clinical scenario, she has always made time to share from her knowledge and experience to support my learning. 

Marianna also leads by example. She is cornerstone to her healthcare team and demonstrates the vital role of clinical pharmacists with her passion, expertise, and dedication to patient care. As well, I am continually learning of ways in which Marianna has led or contributed to advancing clinical pharmacy practice through her involvement in innovative projects or initiatives. Despite the many well-deserved accolades Marianna has received for her contributions to patient care, the pharmacy profession, research, and precepting, she remains humble and is quick to praise others for their milestones or achievements. These are just a few examples of how Marianna has demonstrated mentorship and has been a role model to myself and many others. Marianna has significantly influenced the course of my pharmacy career, as well as the clinician, colleague, preceptor, and mentor I aspire to be. My goal is to pay this forward to the future generations of pharmacists to come. 

Profile submitted by: Catherine Cheung

Description of how they are a great mentor or has positively influenced you and the pharmacy profession:

Marianna is likely the most humble, hardworking and knowledgeable pharmacist I have ever worked with! She just knows everything and all pharmacists and patients love her. As a preceptor, she is the most approachable and the best teacher/mentor anyone can ask for. As a transplant colleague, she tirelessly (and happily) answers my many questions while guiding me to be a better transplant pharmacist. Words cannot describe the appreciation I (and our patients) have for her. Thank you Marianna!