Vancouver, BC

Krystin Boyce

Krystin Boyce

Pharmacy Mentor Spotlight

Krystin Boyce

Emergency (ER) Clinical Pharmacy Specialist

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Florian Zhou

Brief description of role or responsibilities

Krystin is Clinical Pharmacist Specialist in Emergency (ER), and a pharmacy resident preceptor and advisor.

Description of how they are a great mentor or has positively influenced you and the pharmacy profession:

As a clinician, Krystin consistently demonstrates the highest level of care to patients and showcases how valuable pharmacists are in the ER setting. She had a big influence on my perspective of how hospital pharmacists can contribute in emergency medicine, including our role in code situations. I was inspired to see how much rapport she has with the emergency physicians. Her expertise in critical care is extremely sought after, which is evident by the numerous requests from nursing and physician groups to have her lead teaching sessions on pharmacotherapy in the ER setting.

As a preceptor, Krystin is extremely dedicated and compassionate towards learners. Recognizing that a learning gap exists can be extremely overwhelming and even disheartening, especially near the end of a challenging residency year. In these crucial situations, it’s important to find someone who will change your thought process and encourage you to sincerely reflect on yourself and Krystin was that preceptor for me. She put in extra time and effort to tailor the rotation to my learning needs. Together, we identified areas that required additional improvement and she guided me in developing the skills and confidence I needed to make that final transition to become an independent clinician. I felt fully supported by Krystin the entire way, and I can say with absolute certainty that I would not be the clinician I am today without her contribution to my learning.